Thursday, 28 November 2013

All About Him


oh hye. what a lovely day today. its too cold in ma room, a lil bit windy out there and its raining. such a suitable weather to miss someone. yaaa, I miss ma boy so much! no, its too much! wait, its badly! correction, its too lot! sigh. it can't never be explained.. I miss him all the time. every hours. every minutes. every seconds. ugh. nevermind. ma challenge. although he's so far away from me, ma heart is always for him. yaaa, I'll always want him. no one else. just him. ok Muhammad Aiman Akmal b. Ariffin, if you're reading, I just wanna tell yaa that IMISSYOU!!!!!! IMISSYOUSOOOMUCHHHHH!!!!! TOOLOT!!!! BADLY!!!! TOOMUCH!!!!!!! INEEDYOURIGHTNOW!!! BESIDESME!!!!!!!! HOLDME!!!! sigh.


sayang,, I wanna to let you know that you're my guy, my soulmate, my sado, my punching bag, my teddy bear, my boy, my heartbeats, my love, my heart, my baby, my hunny, my boo, my bunny, my sweetheart, my sweetlove, my sweetdreams, my bestfriend, my bestpartner, my gold, my diamonds, my platinum, my man, my gentleman, my hero, my energy, my pain, my headache, my patrick, my spongebob, my squidward, my plankton hahaha you were my smile, my laugh, my world, my happiness, my everything! you're just too perfect for me. ILOVEYOUSOMUCH