Saturday, 15 February 2014


hai. hm. aten rindu dia sangat sangat. aten tau dia still marah dekat aten. hm dia ckp dia tak kisah pasal aten. and its hurt me so much. really much. too much. hm I can't do anything except overthinking, crying and crying over again. hm aten takleh terima. aten sayang dia. hm can't he forgive me. besar sangat ke salah aten ni. hm aten hargai dia dalam hidup aten. dia banyak sabar dengan aten. dia banyak tolong aten. dia banyak sacrifice untuk aten. dia baik sangat dengan aten. dia terima aten. dia wat aten gelak. dia wat aten happy. dia wat aten rasa diperlukan. dia wat aten rasa dihargai. and everything. dia wat aten bahagia. I can't let him go. hm I just wanna be with him. forever. can you guys feel me? hm. nevermind.