Sunday, 10 August 2014



 I really want you to know how I wish I can be there together with you sayang. I've missed you so much that I can't do anything! sorry for all my flaws. I know you're getting mad at me. sorry for everythings. I really don't mean to do so. I'm madly in love with you sayang. I hope from you too. I miss everythings about you love. your smile, your laugh, your tease, your face, your eyes, your overloaded cuteness, your walk, your touch, your nice smell, your jokes, your voices, your existence, your talk, your story, your kiss, your hug, you! I miss you so much sayang!! answer me please. text me. call me. I miss you badly! so bad! teribbly! I can't do anything I miss you so seriously sayang I do I miss you..

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