Monday, 24 November 2014



hye. and today gonna be our day sweetheart! smile baby smile! Its our anniversary! Happy 1 year and 8 months! I'm so happy tht we're still together after being thru so many ups and downs in our long distance relationship. I won't ask anything else bcs having you in my life was the best gift I've ever got! thanks cause always be there whenever I need you the most sayang, thanks bcs you always there when I fall, thanks fr cheering me up eventho you're exactly upset, thanks bcs you're despiting all my flaws, thanks bcs you always tried to make me happy when I was crying. seriously everytime I heard you persuading me, I feel so touched and really hope I can be there to hug you tightly! pull you close! I'm grateful to have you sayang. thanks fr all the happiness! thanks fr your exsistance, thanks fr your cute temperament, thanks fr understanding all my silly, thanks fr making me comfortable, thanks fr accepting me into your life. I'm so happy being with you, you always know how to win my heart sayang, Alhamdulillah fr everythings! ILOVEYOUSOMUCHSAYANG!!!! ♡